World password day

Thursday 6th of may is the world password day!

Cyber week as Godalen

In primo May 2021 the service and electro department at Godalen arranged Cyber week for the students where focus was on getting to know the basics of cyber security. The students learned about encryption, Password and biometry, coding, internet behaviour by means of lectures and practical exercises. Unfortunately Covid situation put some restrictions on the type of activities we could have, but we had a good walkthrough of most topics.

European Cyber Security Challenge

Czech Republic is proud to host the sixth edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge - the annual European event that brings together young talent from across Europe to have fun and compete in cybersecurity! Top cyber talents from each participating country will meet in Prague to network and collaborate and finally compete against each other. Contestants will be challenged in solving security related tasks from domains such as web security, mobile security, crypto puzzles, reverse engineering and forensics and in the process collect points for solving them.

The 2023 challenge will be held in Norway in the "Viking ship” arena in Hamar.

Launch of a new training course

The Cyber Clever project has contributed heavily to the launching of a new in service training course for teachers offered through NTNU in Norway.

The modules, structure and learning outcomes are directly based on the Cyber Clever project’s didactic guidelines and has been possible to finalise thanks to the hard work of Bodil Grødem, teacher at Godalen Vocational College

The Cyber Clever project had a joint project meeting through Teams on the 26th. of February. We focused on finalising the didactic guidelines and discussing the course development. We are on course and are looking forward to meeting in person.

We will be applying for a 6 month extension to ensure the piloting and course can be undertaken successfully.

CISCO joins as partner in Cyber education for teachers

Cisco joins as a partner in the development of the Cybersmart program led by NTNU. Cisco will contribute with their expertise, training materials, tools, and the Cisco Networking Academy (Netacad) education platform. Cybersmart will provide teachers with further education in technology with a focus on networks and cyber security. 


The Cisco Networking Academy platform is used annually by over 2.3 million students worldwide. Several colleges and universities in Norway are already using the solution. The goal now is to expand it to also be used especially towards teacher education in vocational subjects, where new learning goals through subject renewal set new requirements for competence in digital infrastructure and cyber security.

CyberSmart - study at NTNU: IK6520 Introduction to digital security for teachers

The CyberSmart project, led by Godalen and project manager Bodil Grødem, has now, in collaboration with NTNU, developed a credit-bearing study in cyber security for teachers based on the EU project Cyber Secure. The study will be two-part (2 * 7.5 credits), and will be part of an experience-based master's.

Godalen was just accepted at the 2021 NKUL conference with Cyber Clever project:


It is a pleasure to announce that NKUL's program committee wants your submitted proposal "How should young people become CyberSmart" in the program for NKUL 2021. NKUL (National Conference on the Use of IKT in Education and Learning) is Norway's largest meeting place for those interested in using IKT in their teaching program. The target group for the conference is teachers, school leaders, teacher educators and participants from the education sector in general. The conference is annual, and takes place in the science and technology building at NTNU in Trondheim. NKUL has an extensive program over three days, many parallel series of sessions, inspiring plenary lectures and a large exhibition.


The 2020 edition of Health at a Glance: Europe focuses on the impact of the COVID‑19 crisis. Chapter 1 provides an initial assessment of the resilience of European health systems to the COVID-19 pandemic and their ability to contain and respond to the worst pandemic in the past century.

Health at a Glance: Europe 2020

We collaborate with The Cyber Defenders 2021

Check out the following link for more information:

Centre for Cyber and Information Security (NTNU CCIS) is a national centre for research, education and competence development within the area of cyber and information security. NTNU CCIS is a public-private partnership with 29 private and public partners from industry, academia, privacy, and security. They have 100 researchers (incl. employed phd-students). 


  • increase Norway's cyber security capacity to meet our long-term security challenges 
  • develop cyber security competence in Norwegian agencies, companies, and academia
  • be a professional support for our government in international discussions and commitments

by bridging the information and cyber security knowledge gap in the society.

See webpage for more info:

Meeting with

Bodil had a meeting with Magnus Bården and several people connected to the Swedish Compare cluster in early November 2020 informing about our project and possible future cooperation.

Compare is a cluster which brings together companies, organisations and individuals that share a long-term ambition to develop Värmland into a digital, attractive and cutting - edge region, creating both national and international interest. Their main focus being regional growth and helping companies achieve that competitive edge with digital technology. This requires for us to think beyond tomorrow, and to pursue digital development and innovation together.

Possible book on Cyber Smart for VET

Head of dept Anne Dorthe Ask and some of the teachers had a meeting with Grethe Kvalheim, editor in chief of the  Hertervik Publishing company about the possibility to write a book for VET on Cyber Security. The project has highlighted the need for more teaching materials in the field, and a possible book is a great step in the right direction.

Visit to Cyber Range Gjøvik

Bodil Grødem, teacher at the department of Sales, service and security at Godalen went to visit the national Cyber Range in Gjøvik in October 2020. CCIS is set to become a leading academic research and education community for cyber and information security in Europe. Through collaboration and partnerships between academia and the public and private sectors, CCIS will be a high-profile national resource and a catalyst for international cooperation.